Simon is an avid photographer - Underwater, on land and in the Air. He's also pretty good at repairing things and getting new gadgets for the resort!

Rhinopias in Lembeh

Well, they are back.  After a few reported sightings over the last few months where the Rhinopias has promptly disappeared afterwards, there finally appears to be one staying still for a while now.  We are being tough on our rules about overcrowding and taking too many shots with this critter.  We won’t give you 20mins…

Martin Klein Gallery

Martin visited us last year and is a super enthusiastic photographer.  He was always interested to try new things and i think you can see that in his gallery here.  Martin got some great shots and we hope to see him again soon.  His website is:    

Some Staff Changes

The Month of May saw a few staff in and one out for us. We welcomed our old guide Aso back (he’s still bald), along with trying out frequent guest Mood as a Guest Relations Officer.  2 new girls in the Restaurant – Endang and Emelda.  Endang and Emelda both speak quite good English take…