NAD-Lembeh Diving Resort Angel's Windows

Discovering Dive: Site Angel’s Window

“Angel’s Window” is one of my favorite dive sites in Lembeh. It’s located in the North of the Strait on the West side of Lembeh Island. The very popular site consists of two main pinnacles which come up almost all the way to the surface. In the deeper section of the site, the rocks form a huge cavern – hence the name “Angel’s Window”. Frogfish, Nudibranchs, Pygmy Seahorses, schooling fish life and beautiful soft corals are some of the highlights this site has to offer.

Lembeh Divesites: TK1

The TK 1 is one of three Divesites on the northern Mainland Side of the Lembeh Strait. TK stands for Teluk Kembahu– Teluk is indonesian for “bay” and Kembahu is the name of the fishing village situated in this bay. The bay has a extremely black sandy beach and offers very attractive and productive muckdiving.…