Short Trip, Small Creatures, Big Productivity

Thoughts for the blog following a recent stay.
by Alex Mustard
I’m a Lembeh Addict. I am happy to admit it. Although I’ve been on a diet recently, foregoing regular visits to Lembeh and South East Asia in general, over the last three or four years to feed in less photographed, and often colder waters. But, boy, is it good to back.

Visiting Lembeh wasn’t actually in my original travel plans for this trip. I’m in Indonesia to run a Photography Workshop on the Indo Siren in Raja Ampat. But once Lembeh was whispered in the planning, I knew I had to squeeze it in. Even though I only had time for 3 diving days.
Is there any point in making such a short visit? Absolutely. First, if you’ve never tried muck diving, a short stay can be safer, because not everyone falls in love with it. This was the first time I have taken Eleonora to Lembeh and I am fortunate and very pleased that she totally adored the diving: her “best ever”.
I’d loved to have been here for longer, but shorts trips can still be hugely productive here. I never arrive in Lembeh with a wish list. Instead, I like to find out what is particularly or unusually abundant at the moment and concentrate on those subjects. Knowing I’ll see plenty more subjects on those dives anyway.

East of Lembeh Gallery

Today we took probably our last trip of the season to the other side of Lembeh.  The south wind has started, so expect cool water in the Strait in the next month or so.


On the first dive we hit a small Pinnacle with perfect timing with regards to current.  We had tricky vis on some of the sites, but had a super time with beautiful corals, Sharks and Rays and of course, macro critters!






Read on for gallery:

Johan-san, Goby Hunter.

Well, it’s nearly Golden Week and we’re getting quite a few Japanese divers visiting us during their time of national holidays.  Johan has been tasked with a goby mission, and he’s doing pretty well! In a few days he’s found Hairy Gobies, 5 lined gobies, Fire Dart Gobies, Purple Dart Gobies, Okinawa Gobies, Panda Goby and loads of Shrimp Gobies.


How to Kill a 7D

A few months ago I was out shooting with prominent Korean Photographer and Media Mogul, EunJae Im. We were shooting Brahminy Kites and Eagles with wet hands between the dives – and between us we broke my Canon 7D from drips of water dropping into the pop up flash of the 7D, which caused a…