EFR staff training CPR

EFR staff training can be fun!

Every six months, all our dive guides and boat crew get a quick refresher course of the most important EFR skills. Regular training ensures that everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency – but hopefully we will never need those skills in real life.

CPR, Oxygen Administration, First Aid for hazardous marine life injuries or serious bleeding management, it all sounds totally boring. Why not make the EFR staff training fun instead?

Ghost Velvetfish (Cocotropus larvatus) / Lembeh Strait

The Ghost Velvetfish

On a Night Dive last week i stumbled over this very interesting fish: The Ghost Velvetfish (Cocotropus larvatus). As the name might suggest, the Ghost Velvetfish is a member of the family of Velvetfishes, which are closely related to the Scorpionfishes. But while we mostly see the Sulu Velvetfish (Paraploactis obbesi) and the Spinyskin Velvetfish…