NAD Lembeh Resort Koi Pond

Introducing Sonja (or the new Serge)

It’s time to introduce myself properly, so far most of you only know me as “the new Serge”. My name is Sonja, I’m from Germany and decided to move to South East Asia in 2010 to become a dive instructor. Back then, you would always find me diving with a simple point and shoot camera – therefore, it wasn’t very surprising that I finally completed my underwater videography course in 2012.

Sulawesi Babbler @ NAD Lembeh

NAD Forest Survey

One thing I have wanted to do for a long time is survey what animals live around the resort – so we got a birding guide to come over and see what he could find.  I am pleasantly surprised by what we were able to find and now look forward to doing a few more surveys and…