NAD-Lembeh Resort Sargassum Frogfish

Sargassum Season

The season is changing in Lembeh which means the winds are now coming from the South and the water temperature has dropped by a degree or two – nothing to worry about, 26-27 degrees celsius is still toasty for normal people. As a result, a lot of Sargassum sea weed together with over two dozens of Sargassum Frogfish has collected in our little bay a few days ago.

NAD-Lembeh Resort No Gloves

NO GLOVES at NAD – the come back!

Starting in 2014, NAD had already banned the use of dive gloves. In the past year however, we’ve listened to people which we probably shouldn’t have done. Based on some guest feedback, we decided to be more lenient with gloves and trust that not the gloves as such are bad but the person wearing them.

As a result, we have now seen that people who talked about being good divers and wearing gloves, would still cause more damage than if they did not wear gloves. Therefore, we will no longer allowing people to dive with gloves at NAD Lembeh.

NAD-Lembeh Resort Magnificent Shrimp Goby

Making Friends with a Goby

I’ve only recently started enjoying taking pictures of gobies. There’s around 500 different species only in the Indo-Pacific region but one of my favorites is the Magnificent Shrimp Goby. With its beautiful dorsal fin, almost like a sail, and the beautiful pattern on it, it’s very photogenic. The shrimp goby usually shares a burrow with, turns out to be quite pretty too: Randall’s Pistol Shrimp are brightly colored in red, white and yellow.