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2:1 Dive Guide Ratio at NAD-Lembeh

December 8, 2014 by Serge Abourjeily No Comment

Since this April we were running a trial on our “2:1” Dive Guide Ratio which was then permanently implemented this summer. But still a lot of people are coming into our resort not knowing about this at all. Well … Good things you can’t say often enough. So here one more time: At NAD-Lembeh we offer a Guest to Dive Guide Ratio of 2:1 – that means that only two guest share one Diveguide. That gives you double the privacy over resorts offering 4:1 or 50% more privacy over resorts offering 3:1. And you will clearly notice a difference under water and in your Photos or Videos. Not only because you’ll get more Critter time but also because you’ll have less people around stressing you or causing backscatter by kicking up silt.


Backscatter by kicked up sand from other divers can ruin a photo

Backscatter by kicked up sand from other divers can ruin a photo

To guarantee this ratio we drastically increased our dive team and have 12 permanent Guides plus on site– more of half of them beeing “senior guides” and the whole team yields a total of more than 100 years of dive experience in Lembeh Strait. So come meet Paulus, Stenli, Johan, Jony, Tamrin, Joni, Abner, Marnes, Nando, Bryan, Rockles and Opit or enjoy a private UW-Video or Photo Class with Simon or Serge. Experience the magic of the NAD-Lembeh Dive Team on one of our fast and comfortable boats and dive Lembeh how Lembeh used to be! A Private Guide for one person is also available on request and should be pre-booked.


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Serge Abourjeily Serge is the Dive Manager of NAD-Lembeh and an passionate UW Photographer. He is crazy about all Critters that can be found in Lembeh Strait and likes to be out in the water "hunting" for them.

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