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Black Water Night Dives

July 4, 2017 by Sonja Geier 4 Comments

It sounds contradictory at first because of course the waters are black and it’s dark during night dives, but it will make total sense to you in a minute. Black Water Night Dives are something everyone should try at least once even if you’re usually not a big fan of night dives.

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Water temperature gets warmer – diving stays hot

November 8, 2015 by Serge Abourjeily No Comment

We had some really good summer months in Lembeh Strait. From a critter lover’s point of view that is equal to colder water temperatures. From July until middle of October the temperature was around 25-26° C. This means, that you’ll need a thicker wetsuit and also a hood  and/or a vest. But in return you will see more ...

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Lembeh Night Dives – dreaming without sleeping

August 14, 2015 by Serge Abourjeily No Comment

Diving the Lembeh Strait is a unique experience for all critter lovers. And it is even more productive at night. Lembeh Night Dives seem like the whole critter density of the day combined into one dive. And even knowing that since years: It suprises each time again after having being “night dive lazy” for a while 😉 ...

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Underwater Tribe / NAD Lembeh Photo Fun Week

July 19, 2015 by Mike Veitch No Comment

It’s on!  The Third Annual Underwater Tribe/NAD Lembeh Photo Workshop started today with a bang!  All of our guests arrived by the 18th and after a nice dinner we gathered upstairs in the NAD Lounge in order to present the schedule of the week, introduce ourselves, and enjoy a beautiful slideshow from Serge, the manager ...

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What is the point of being different?

February 17, 2015 by Bent Christensen No Comment

One of the questions biologists try to answer is the presence of variance among individuals in populations. Why would variance in genetic composition or looks even be an issue? To make a long story short, it is not to far stretched to interpret natural selection as leading to evolution favoring a specific variant, or form of the ...

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Favorinus Nudibranchs Feeding together

November 1, 2014 by Serge Abourjeily No Comment

Even though these weeks are all about the Hairy Octopus (we are seeing them on a daily basis – even several per day – since almost two weeks), there are also many other cool critters found right now. We still go for Hairy Frogfish, all other types of Frogfishes, Blue Ringed Octopus, Wonderpus, Mimic octopus, ...

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UW Photo Tips: High Key with black subjects on black sand

In Underwater Macro Photography black subjects are usually not as popular as coloured subjects. First because they tend to be less striking and second because they often cause the background to overexpose. So a lot of photos get deleted from harddrives because either the subject is too dark or the background is blown out. Exceptions ...

Lembeh Divesites: Angel’s Window

Even though it is not a Muck Dive Angel’s Window is one of Lembeh’s Signature Divesites. This beautiful Pinnacle Dive is the favourite Dive Spot of many of our Return Guests and situated on the northern island side of the strait. It is named after its distinctive Swim Trough Cave from which divers can look up ...

Lembeh Divesites: Tanjung Kubur

Tanjung Kubur is situated on the island side of the Lembeh Strait and is the southern side of a little Cape coming out north of the Kareeko Village. It shares that headland with Tanjung Tebal (out on the tip of the headland) and Aer Bajo 1 (on the opposite side). Tanjung means Cape or Corner and ...

Creature Feature: Painted Frogfish

Of all the different species of Frogfish to be found in the Lembeh Strait the Painted Frogfish (Antennarius pictus) is the most common one – or at least the most frequently seen. The Painted Frogfish grows to about 15cm in size and occurs in almost all colours: Black, White, Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Green, Cream, ...

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