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Marine life and their eggs

June 2, 2017 by Sonja Geier 1 Comment

The life cycle of fishes and other marine organisms is extremely complex and one blog entry is surely not enough to elaborate this topic. But regardless of the season and dive sites, we can usually see several marine species and their eggs whilst diving in Lembeh. Normally, marine organisms produce large amounts of small eggs that hatch quickly. This produces large populations and therefore a greater chance for species survival.

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Eggs, eggs, eggs: Lembeh Behaviour

August 27, 2015 by Serge Abourjeily No Comment

Besides specific critters, behaviour stands on the top of our guests bucket lists. And among the most requested behaviours there is always the “everything with eggs”. For a good reason: Images of critters with eggs have a strong message and are more striking than simple ID shots. Here is a short overview of frequently seen ...

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Creature Feature: Smashing Mantis Shrimp

April 10, 2015 by Serge Abourjeily No Comment

From all the Critters to be seen in Lembeh Strait, the Mantis Shrimp is definitely one that the untrained Critter Spotter can easily find on its own. At least many of them … there is not only one kind of Mantis Shrimp. First of all, the Family  of the Mantis Shrimp consists of predators only ...

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Trapania Mini World

On a recent Muck Dive in the north of the Lembeh Strait we had a blast: Hairy Frogfishes (3 of them), Mimic Octopus, Wonderpus, Coconut Octopus, Seahorses and many more. Plus i had to find out, that all these subjects where way too big for my 100mm lens on APS-C sensor. So i left all these critters ...

Favorinus Nudibranchs Feeding together

November 1, 2014 by Serge Abourjeily No Comment

Even though these weeks are all about the Hairy Octopus (we are seeing them on a daily basis – even several per day – since almost two weeks), there are also many other cool critters found right now. We still go for Hairy Frogfish, all other types of Frogfishes, Blue Ringed Octopus, Wonderpus, Mimic octopus, ...

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New Housereef Wreck

October 26, 2014 by Simon No Comment

We've been a little quiet for a few days and here's why:

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Why you should (Not) spend your birthday in Lembeh!

June is always a busy month for Birthdays here in the resort.  many staff and also Simon and Zee celebrate this month.  These traditions are not compulsory for our guests, but they can be arranged at a partner’s behest… So watch out! Diving wise everything is around, we are also finding quite a lot of ...

Blue Ringed Octopus with Eggs

Towards the end of January we had some repeater guests come to visit, Dominique and Babette.  They had a great time diving with Indra (they gave him a book of photos from the previous trip, too). As promised they sent us some of their photos, which I will use for today’s blog post as I ...

Have sex and die – the octopus way!

When I visited Lembeh in September/October there were flamboyant cuttlefish around in numbers that I have never seen before. On more or less every dive, we saw one or more flamboyants. Blue ring octopus were not as common, but still there was hardly a day when we didn´t see them. This is very much in ...

Blue Ring Fever Reaches a Climax

Blue Ring Octopus have been everywhere form months now, which is unusual to have them around for so long.  The guests have seen them mating, feeding, fighting and now we saw a beautiful specimen with eggs.  Blue Rings doing normal behaviour are a Top 10 Critter for Lembeh, where would you place one with eggs?! ...

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