The Hairy Octopus

One of Lembeh’s hardest to find Critters – the Hairy Octopus.  I don’t know how we’ve managed this over the last few weeks, but we have seen so many of these guys that even we all managed to go see them.  I went and shot some 5k video, Serge and Zee went to shoot still…

Which Type of Camera for Super Macro (Part 2)

Following on from my previous post, my intention was to make a small post with the pictures and the correct camera.  However it seems the post reached further than expected and has been receiving some healthy feedback.

To clarify, this was never meant to be an absolute, definitive review on the best super macro technique, as everyone has their own favourite.  It is meant as a comparison for shooting more than lifesize with various systems for someone who is choosing a new camera rig.

There is full frame, crop frame, mirroless and compact, the cameras could be any brand, but I happen to have those listed.  The Nikon D800 is a formidable camera for macro due to its huge pixel count, but not one that I own.
For my terminology, I am using the term super macro to describe a shot where the whole of the picture represents greater than lifesize in 35mm format terms, ie the width of the picture area was 35mm or less.   The Canon S110 just about scrapes through with 1 subsee +10.


New Year, New Blog, New Awards!

As you can see, the blog now has a new home.  We hope that this will give the users better interactions and also make the blog easier to read and share. January has been an exciting month, we had Bent here again, spouting his deeply intelligent and thought provoking ecological musings as well Ken who…

TK delivers!

Whenever you visit the same dive area several times, some dive sites seem to consistently deliver more than others, and, correspondingly, some less than you would wish. Here in Lembeh my favorites are the Aer Bajo sites and Hairball, where many uneventful starts of dives have been turned around to glorious experiences. The different TK…