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Slow shutter speed or how to create a motion blur

May 18, 2017 by Sonja Geier 2 Comments

In most of the cases you would probably hit the delete button straight away, when you check your pictures and see a blurry image. The main objective of photography is usually to have a clear and crisp subject in focus. However, when used right, a bit of a blur can be quite interesting and give your image a sense of motion.

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Guest Gallery: Johan van Schaik

May 7, 2017 by Sonja Geier No Comment

Our guests Johan and Bets from the Netherlands have visited Lembeh in 2010 already. Compared to a few years ago, they enjoyed diving in the Strait now even more: less trash, more critters, better corals. A big thank you to Johan for some beautiful underwater pictures which he was happy to share with us in our guest gallery. Safe travels to the both of you and sampai jumpa lagi!

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The Blue Ribbon Eel

July 10, 2015 by Mike Veitch No Comment

Sometimes the best subjects in Lembeh are ones that we often just swim right on past.  When people come to Lembeh they are usually in search of some of the more hard to find critters on the reef: exotic species such as hairy frogfish, flambouyant cuttlefish, and blue ring octopus are typically the critters that ...

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What is the point of being different?

February 17, 2015 by Bent Christensen No Comment

One of the questions biologists try to answer is the presence of variance among individuals in populations. Why would variance in genetic composition or looks even be an issue? To make a long story short, it is not to far stretched to interpret natural selection as leading to evolution favoring a specific variant, or form of the ...

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Lembeh Divesites: Tanjung Kubur

Tanjung Kubur is situated on the island side of the Lembeh Strait and is the southern side of a little Cape coming out north of the Kareeko Village. It shares that headland with Tanjung Tebal (out on the tip of the headland) and Aer Bajo 1 (on the opposite side). Tanjung means Cape or Corner and ...

Lembeh Blue

What makes a Lembeh Trip perfect? Hairy Frogfish? Mimic Octopus, Bluering or Wonderpus? Rhinopias? How about some awesome dives in clear blue water with good coral life and lots of fish? Not what you would expect from Lembeh – but exactely what you can get on one of our special trips to Bangka or our “secret ...

Lembeh Divesites: Aer Bajo

Aer Bajo is something like the Prototype of a Black Sand Muck Dive: No Corals, no Reef, no Topography …just a Black Sand slope with some Debris and Garbage. A Muckdiving Lover would say: A Perfect place. Aer Bajo is situated on the Island side and faces north from a little headland sticking out into ...

Lembeh Dive Sites: Nudi Falls

Nudi Falls is one of the most known and most popular divesites in Lembeh Strait. Maybe also because it is one of the most versatile divespots. Nudi Falls lays about in the middle of the Straits on the mainland side – just north of the village Tandu Rusa. It offers a combination of a Wall ...

Hitchhikers – what do they do?

As an avid hitchhiker earlier in my life, meeting loads of cool people and getting to a lot of places for free, the term hitchhiker describing an ecological interaction has immediate appeal. In contrast, the movie the hitchhiker with Rutger Hauer certainly has left no one seeing it untouched! So, what is a hitchhiker in ...

Communication between species

Communication in order to share information between conspecifics is very common in nature. Just think about male birds singing very loudly early in the morning with the dual purpose of telling conspecific males that this spot is taken as well as getting information through to the females what a hunk he is, or the male ...

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