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Mating Mandarin Fish

July 30, 2017 by Sonja Geier No Comment

It’s just before the sun disappears and most of us divers feel like having a beer, when the actual magic on the reef happens. Mating Mandarin Fish are something all divers should experience at least once during their stay in Lembeh. It’s when one of the most beautiful and stunning fish appears briefly to mate around sunset time in order to avoid any bright light.

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Water temperature gets warmer – diving stays hot

November 8, 2015 by Serge Abourjeily No Comment

We had some really good summer months in Lembeh Strait. From a critter lover’s point of view that is equal to colder water temperatures. From July until middle of October the temperature was around 25-26° C. This means, that you’ll need a thicker wetsuit and also a hood  and/or a vest. But in return you will see more ...

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Trapania Mini World

On a recent Muck Dive in the north of the Lembeh Strait we had a blast: Hairy Frogfishes (3 of them), Mimic Octopus, Wonderpus, Coconut Octopus, Seahorses and many more. Plus i had to find out, that all these subjects where way too big for my 100mm lens on APS-C sensor. So i left all these critters ...

Mandarin fish – the winner takes it all

February 24, 2015 by Bent Christensen No Comment

Being here in Lembeh this time I have been to a couple of mandarin dives. The site used now under Bianca is probably one of the best I have ever seen, with many males coming down before dusk to establish their territory and some minutes later, a bunch of females arriving to mate with the ...

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Sex on the first date?

Why are sea horse females so virtous? When meeting a male of their liking, the female sea horses will keep the male at bay for several days. requiring him to go through quite an elaborate courtship cycle before mating with him. Googling ”sex-on-first-date” will give you an amazing amount of links discussing the pros and ...

Pikacu Sex!

February 11, 2015 by Serge Abourjeily No Comment

After returning back from the BOOT Show in Germany, Lembeh feels not only very tropical and warm – it also offers suprisingly cool diving. On my first days back in the water i saw all the usual suspects like Rhinopias, different Frogfish, seahorses and Octopus and many more. But also a unusually high number of Pikacu Nudibranchs (tecacera) – ...

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Mating Wonderpuses

This week we had a couple of wonderful dives at TK Bay – with many different critters including Velvet Ghost Pipefish (white), Seahorses, Cockatoo Flounder, Coconut Octopus, Tiger Shrimps and many more. But the highlight was for sure this couple of mating Wonderpuses. We watched them mating for about 10 minutes before they split. Even ...

Mating Wonderpus

Yesterday we had a terrific second morning dive. After a rather mediocre dive at “Hey Nus” we went to Teluk Kembahu for the second dive. There we found several seahorses, Coconut Octopus, Mimic Octopus, various cool nudibranchs and lots of other cool stuff. But the real highlight of the dive were these two wonderpus mating. Our ...

Aeolid Nudibranchs getting together

No doubt: Diving in Lembeh is good all year round and there is always a lot to see. But still it is never the same and everytime you come you see some things more frequently and others less frequently. The last days i realized, that there are several members of the Aeolid Nudibranchs (the rather ...

Beautiful Nudibranchs mating

On yesterdays afternoon dive at “Nudi Falls” i spend the whole dive photographing Gobies – so i had a 100mm lens on the camera. And i really started regretting that, when reaching Safety Stop level at the end of the dive: Just below the boat was this beautiful pair of Nudibranchs mating. They were Hypselodoris ...

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