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Marine life and their eggs

June 2, 2017 by Sonja Geier 1 Comment

The life cycle of fishes and other marine organisms is extremely complex and one blog entry is surely not enough to elaborate this topic. But regardless of the season and dive sites, we can usually see several marine species and their eggs whilst diving in Lembeh. Normally, marine organisms produce large amounts of small eggs that hatch quickly. This produces large populations and therefore a greater chance for species survival.

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Guest Gallery: Johan van Schaik

May 7, 2017 by Sonja Geier No Comment

Our guests Johan and Bets from the Netherlands have visited Lembeh in 2010 already. Compared to a few years ago, they enjoyed diving in the Strait now even more: less trash, more critters, better corals. A big thank you to Johan for some beautiful underwater pictures which he was happy to share with us in our guest gallery. Safe travels to the both of you and sampai jumpa lagi!

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NAD Lembeh contributing to new DisneyNature movie

April 20, 2017 by Sonja Geier No Comment

Get ready for another great Disney movie called “Dolphins” which will be coming to the cinemas in 2018. DisneyNature has just released the trailer for their new movie, in which we follow “Echo”, a young dolphin, on his adventures when he explores the coral reef.

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Happy Easter from NAD Lembeh

April 16, 2017 by Sonja Geier 1 Comment

Happy Easter 2017 to all of you! Instead of the Easter Rabbit with white, fluffy ears, we’ve had a little tarsier visiting us. Not sure if he was hiding eggs though?

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Tarsius wants to check in at NAD

This morning we had a very uncommon “check in” at our Resort: While our Girls were making the rooms after the guests had left for diving they found this little guy jumping around in Room 5. We had a big group arriving yesterday and the morning staff had not met all of them before – ...

NAD Photographers very successful at IWUPC 2013

The IWUPC 2013 (Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest) is a competition by the indonesian government inteded to promote Indonesia as a diving destination. With prices valued at 200,000 US$ and a Jury of well known Names in Underwater Photography it surely also attracted many first class Photographers. The basic priciple of the contest was, that photographers ...

Sneaky stalkers

More or less everything in nature, with the rare exception of an adult orca or a fully grown female great white shark will be prey for something else. One consequence of this is that fear will be a prevailing emotional status in nature, as bold and brave animals will be caught and eaten much quicker ...

The Banggai cardinalfish – Lembeh´s newest fish

One of the most numerous and beautiful fish in Lembeh is the Banggai cardinalfish. Just a few years ago, this small black and white fish with delicate patterns was quite rare in the strait, but now it can be seen almost all through Lembeh. Yesterday I saw quite a number of them at Aw shucks, ...


Yesterday`s blog on Batesian mimicry got me started thinking (thus the big tank of air, brain activity requires oxygen!).  Batesian mimicry was about “parasitizing” on the true signal of something sending out an honest warning. This is a very special type of mimicry. Camouflage, where animals try to look like something more or less inedible, ...

Underwater Tribe/NAD Lembeh Photo Workshop Day 4

Day 4 Matt and Mike switched boats today in order to start diving with the other half of the group.  We all headed out to the north end of the bay and ended up having a pygmy seahorse extravaganza.  Matts group saw bargibanti, denise, and pontohi pygmies all on the same dive!  Mikes group had ...

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