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Slow shutter speed or how to create a motion blur

May 18, 2017 by Sonja Geier 2 Comments

In most of the cases you would probably hit the delete button straight away, when you check your pictures and see a blurry image. The main objective of photography is usually to have a clear and crisp subject in focus. However, when used right, a bit of a blur can be quite interesting and give your image a sense of motion.

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Lembeh wide angle opportunities

May 11, 2017 by Sonja Geier No Comment

Although most people come to Lembeh for the tiny critters and muck diving on black sand - I can’t stay away from shooting wide angle every now and again. Especially right now that the visibility is suitable for it and perfect subjects like Wonderpus, Mimic Octopus or big Hairy Frogfish keep turning up on a regular basis.

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NAD’s from above!

We’re used to seeing NAD from below but here’s a video from above… ūüėČ First Try at Aerial Video from Simon Buxton on Vimeo.

Rebreather Courses in Lembeh

It has been a crazy few months for us recently. ¬†Obviously, we’ve had the busy season with lots of amazing critters – but we have also been doing some studying. ¬†Simon had studied the rEvo IANTD course over the summer, but has now added his Poseidon MK6 ¬†SSI Instructor certs. ¬†So, we can now offer ...

The Banggai cardinalfish ‚Äď Lembeh¬īs newest fish

One of the most numerous and beautiful fish in Lembeh is the Banggai cardinalfish. Just a few years ago, this small black and white fish with delicate patterns was quite rare in the strait, but now it can be seen almost all through Lembeh. Yesterday I saw quite a number of them at Aw shucks, ...


Yesterday`s blog on Batesian mimicry got me started thinking (thus the big tank of air, brain activity requires oxygen!).¬† Batesian mimicry was about ‚Äúparasitizing‚ÄĚ on the true signal of something sending out an honest warning. This is a very special type of mimicry. Camouflage, where animals try to look like something more or less inedible, ...

The ugliest animal in the world contest‚Äď sorry, you forgot Lembeh!

A couple of weeks ago the title for being the ugliest animal in the world was awarded by the British science festival. Top contenders were the proboscis monkey, lice, the nowadays famous blobfish and a frog from lake Titicaca with the catching name the scrotum frog (it is, I promise! No, I did not make ...

How can a blob of jelly, such as an octopus, move?

Cephalopods belong to the large group of animals known as molluscs. Generally molluscs do not move well, and when they do, it is by either gliding over a slime track or by using their external shells. But not the cephalopods. Cephalopods move very quickly and with very precise movements when that is needed. Most animals ...

Great Week in Lembeh!

Lots of great things happening at NAD right now. The camera room is being extended, and should double the current space available. Work on the new extended jetty is in progress. No more climbing up and down at low tide, as the new extensions are on floats and the boats are always at the same ...

Slender Sea Moth

A rare find in Lembeh, our diveguide Oksin has only seen this Slender Pegasus Seamonth (Pegasus Volitans) once before in his years of diving the strait. Unlike the short bodied Dragon Pegasus Sea Moth normally found in Lembeh, the Slender Sea Moth -like its name, has a thin slender body, longer snout and longer tail. ...

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