Shaun the Sheep Nudibranch, Costasiella sp

Which Diopter – Part 3

Day 3 with the Diopters and it’s starting to feel like groundhog day.

Today I had the 45degree viewfinder on, so at least my neck doesnt hurt as I write this.  Today I took down the Noodilab Moby and the SMC2, on the Nikon D500. I’m really enjoying using the crop sensor D500 over my 1Dx, somehow the Nikon colour space just feels much nicer out of the camera on macro photos, and of course the crop is great until you meet up with a hairy frogfish or flamboyant cuttlefish and end up shooting them from over a meter away. Maybe I should bring one of our rental compacts such as the Sony RX100V or Olympus TG4 next time.

Nauticam SMC, Subsee

Which Diopter?

These days it is pretty hard to choose from all the diopters available – you probably have at least one old school one in your kit bag.  The Inon UCL 165 and 330 were the first mass produced diopters specifically for underwater use, before those we had to use slide on single element diopters (woodys diopter), or put a higher quality dual element diopter directly on your lens before you got in the water (Nikon 6T).

Old School Wide Angle

Today I did my first dives with a new camera system.  The Sony A7r is a 36MP full frame mirrorless camera, and with the Nauticam housing and an adapter ring you can use the Nikonos series of lenses.  I started with a very old and well used 15mm lens that I would guess hasn’t been…

NAD Photo Centre

NAD  can now boast to have one of the best Photo Setups in Indonesia. In May I went to the Nauticam HQ in Hong Kong and the factory floor in China to pick up a new housing.  Whilst there I did a servicing course for several of their current models: Sony NEX7 Canon 5Dmk3 Nikon…

How to Kill a 7D

A few months ago I was out shooting with prominent Korean Photographer and Media Mogul, EunJae Im. We were shooting Brahminy Kites and Eagles with wet hands between the dives – and between us we broke my Canon 7D from drips of water dropping into the pop up flash of the 7D, which caused a…

Which Type of Camera for Super Macro (Part 2)

Following on from my previous post, my intention was to make a small post with the pictures and the correct camera.  However it seems the post reached further than expected and has been receiving some healthy feedback.

To clarify, this was never meant to be an absolute, definitive review on the best super macro technique, as everyone has their own favourite.  It is meant as a comparison for shooting more than lifesize with various systems for someone who is choosing a new camera rig.

There is full frame, crop frame, mirroless and compact, the cameras could be any brand, but I happen to have those listed.  The Nikon D800 is a formidable camera for macro due to its huge pixel count, but not one that I own.
For my terminology, I am using the term super macro to describe a shot where the whole of the picture represents greater than lifesize in 35mm format terms, ie the width of the picture area was 35mm or less.   The Canon S110 just about scrapes through with 1 subsee +10.