Creature Feature: Miamira Alleni

With tons of different kind of nudis in the Lembeh Strait, I find it hard sometimes to get excited about the „sluggy stuff“. However, there’s certain species which, even if you’re not a nudi lover, are just spectacular. Sometimes it’s their funky colors, sometimes their incredible shapes, just like the Miamira Alleni which Joni Toy spotted the other day.

Pikacu Sex!

After returning back from the BOOT Show in Germany, Lembeh feels not only very tropical and warm – it also offers suprisingly cool diving. On my first days back in the water i saw all the usual suspects like Rhinopias, different Frogfish, seahorses and Octopus and many more. But also a unusually high number of Pikacu Nudibranchs (tecacera) –…