NAD-Lembeh Resort Article Garuda Magazine Colours

NAD in Garuda Inflight Magazine

We’ve had the honor to welcome Tommy Schultz, editor for the Garuda inflight magazine “Colours” at NAD. As a result, he has put together a great article about diving in Lembeh and with one of the most experienced dive guides. Paulus started his dive career almost 30 years ago with muck diving pioneer Larry Smith and we’re proud to call him the Supervisor of our dive team.

NAD Photographers very successful at IWUPC 2013

The IWUPC 2013 (Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest) is a competition by the indonesian government inteded to promote Indonesia as a diving destination. With prices valued at 200,000 US$ and a Jury of well known Names in Underwater Photography it surely also attracted many first class Photographers. The basic priciple of the contest was, that photographers…

Which type of camera for Super Macro?

Many people arrive in Lembeh with many different pieces of equipment to capture images of the tiny denizens of the muck.  But which is the most appropriate for you?  Obviously, I can’t answer that but i can show you some examples of what you can do with some different setups on the same subject.

Today we went looking for Hairy Shrimp and Gayus and Paulus found a nice one about 3 or 4mm long holding a few eggs. Luckily we had brought 4 cameras:

Canon 5Dmk3 with 100mm lens
Canon 7D with 100mm lens
Olympus OM-D with 60mm lens
Canon S110

These 4 cameras are housed in Nauticam housings and make up our rental line up / staff cameras, and all used a subsee +10 diopter.

I set up on the Hairy Shrimp and then tried my best to replicate the shots as closely as possible by switching through the cameras without leaving the subject.  I started with the 5Dmk3 and im not happy with the picture, but the guide had gone off on an adventure with that camera and I didnt chase after them to get it back!

Cowrie-day in Lembeh

The molluscs is a big and very diverse group consisting of animals as different as a mussel and an octopus! Most colorful and strikingly patterned among the molluscs are the cowries, used as currency in different cultures over time and now prized collector items due to their shining and often brightly coloured and patterned shell.…