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Dive Guide Photo Competition

June 10, 2017 by Sonja Geier No Comment

The majority of our guests are not only divers but also photographers. Therefore, it is a big plus if you can provide dive guides with a photography background. We have several camera setups for rental, available for our guides whenever they want to go fun diving. In order to give them an incentive to improve their photo skills, we organized a little dive guide photo competition with some great prices!

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Marine life and their eggs

June 2, 2017 by Sonja Geier 1 Comment

The life cycle of fishes and other marine organisms is extremely complex and one blog entry is surely not enough to elaborate this topic. But regardless of the season and dive sites, we can usually see several marine species and their eggs whilst diving in Lembeh. Normally, marine organisms produce large amounts of small eggs that hatch quickly. This produces large populations and therefore a greater chance for species survival.

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Lembeh wide angle opportunities

May 11, 2017 by Sonja Geier No Comment

Although most people come to Lembeh for the tiny critters and muck diving on black sand - I can’t stay away from shooting wide angle every now and again. Especially right now that the visibility is suitable for it and perfect subjects like Wonderpus, Mimic Octopus or big Hairy Frogfish keep turning up on a regular basis.

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Dive guides on a mission

May 3, 2017 by Sonja Geier No Comment

Some of our guides and I took advantage of a free afternoon to go on a photographic mission on our house reef and wreck. Although all of our guides are pretty good in handling cameras and taking pictures already, there is always room for improvement.

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Eggs, eggs, eggs: Lembeh Behaviour

August 27, 2015 by Serge Abourjeily No Comment

Besides specific critters, behaviour stands on the top of our guests bucket lists. And among the most requested behaviours there is always the “everything with eggs”. For a good reason: Images of critters with eggs have a strong message and are more striking than simple ID shots. Here is a short overview of frequently seen ...

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Underwater Photography Tips: Pairs

May 22, 2015 by Serge Abourjeily No Comment

Good Underwater Photography obviously has to do a lot with knowing your camera, settings and lighting technique. But like with any other type of photography it’s finding the right subject and the right angle what comes first. Feeding Whales, Baitballs or yawning Rhinopias come in handy here. They draw attention. Unfortunately there will be moments, when these ...

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UW Photo Tips: Mixed Light Macro

You can generally say that Macro Shots are taken with strobe light only while Wide Angle Photography mixes strobe light on the subject with available light in the background. Generally. Because just like more and more people are bringing Macro Photography into Wide Angle by using Close Focus Wide Angle Techniques and Mini Domes you can ...

NAD Photographers very successful at IWUPC 2013

The IWUPC 2013 (Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest) is a competition by the indonesian government inteded to promote Indonesia as a diving destination. With prices valued at 200,000 US$ and a Jury of well known Names in Underwater Photography it surely also attracted many first class Photographers. The basic priciple of the contest was, that photographers ...

Underwater.kr Lembeh Shootout 2013 Results

The second Underwater.kr Lembeh Shootout at NAD Lembeh has finished and the winners are announced! The contestants were competing in two categories: Single Image and Themed Portfolio of four Images. Like last year, we had very strong entries and in the end it was a mix of uniqueness of the subject, the amount of editing ...

Raja Ampat with Tom and Susan Feb 2014

Tom and Susan are going to Raja Ampat with us in 2014, aboard KM Black Manta.  We’re heading out for 10 days from 14th February to the 23rd February 2014, visiting all the best spots on the way.  We will try our best to avoid traveling for the sake of it, and will not waste ...

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