Johan-san, Goby Hunter.

Well, it’s nearly Golden Week and we’re getting quite a few Japanese divers visiting us during their time of national holidays.  Johan has been tasked with a goby mission, and he’s doing pretty well!
In a few days he’s found Hairy Gobies, 5 lined gobies, Fire Dart Gobies, Purple Dart Gobies, Okinawa Gobies, Panda Goby and loads of Shrimp Gobies.


Velvet Mania in Lembeh

Lembeh Strait is home to several species of Ghostpipefish including the Ornate, Robust, Slender, Roughsnout and Halimeda Ghostpipefish. But the rarest and most bizarre is the Velvet Ghostpipefish. It is smooth, relatively small and mimics sponges. And at the moment we are seeing them at 3 different dive sites: There are two purple pink individuals…