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Happy Easter from NAD Lembeh

April 16, 2017 by Sonja Geier 1 Comment

Happy Easter 2017 to all of you! Instead of the Easter Rabbit with white, fluffy ears, we’ve had a little tarsier visiting us. Not sure if he was hiding eggs though?

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Introducing Sonja (or the new Serge)

April 14, 2017 by Sonja Geier No Comment

It’s time to introduce myself properly, so far most of you only know me as “the new Serge”. My name is Sonja, I’m from Germany and decided to move to South East Asia in 2010 to become a dive instructor. Back then, you would always find me diving with a simple point and shoot camera – therefore, it wasn’t very surprising that I finally completed my underwater videography course in 2012.

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Tarsius wants to check in at NAD

This morning we had a very uncommon “check in” at our Resort: While our Girls were making the rooms after the guests had left for diving they found this little guy jumping around in Room 5. We had a big group arriving yesterday and the morning staff had not met all of them before – ...

Great Week in Lembeh!

Lots of great things happening at NAD right now. The camera room is being extended, and should double the current space available. Work on the new extended jetty is in progress. No more climbing up and down at low tide, as the new extensions are on floats and the boats are always at the same ...

Back In Lembeh!

After leaving in mid-May to spend some time quality time with the big pelagics in Mexico, Costa Rica, and the U.S., I’m back to stay for a while at NAD. After embarking on my open-ended trip to Indonesia last August, I spent eight of the past twelve months split between Bali and Lembeh, and have ...

Clear Skies in Lembeh

I was sat having a beer on the waterfront with resident guest Christian, and we noticed that it was unusually clear last night.  So, we decided to get the tripods and attempt some stellar photography.  Using the higher ISO capabilities of the 5Dmk3 and some duct tape and a small rock to keep the shutter ...

Fluorescence and bioluminescence

When I arrived in Lembeh this time it was just after Christmas. However, I was up for another Christmas treat. Simon here from NAD had ordered a bunch of cool stuff from Nightsea, strobe filters, filters for the lens and a cool pair of yellow spectacles, which waited for me here.  I have now tried ...

New/Old Guest Blogger for December

So here it is: My second Introduction Post on the NAD Lembeh Blog. My Name is Serge and after having written the updates here for one year as the Dive Manager i am now back for a 1 month visit and will use my time to keep you updated on what’s going on at NAD ...

Video / Slideshow by our guests Markus and Nicole

Our Guests Markus and Nicole from Germany have been diving with us this January/February for 3 weeks. It was their first trip to Lembeh Strait and they were amazed by the immense biodiversity and all the beautiful and weird critters. Now they put up a slideshow with their photos and videos on vimeo. It has ...

3 different Orchids flowering

As always we are working on our cosy garden and we just finished a new nature stone path through the garden with little paths going to each room. We also planted new, lush grass, put decorative white pebble along the building and removed some old flowerbeds to increase the seaview experience. And our plants seem ...

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