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A Shrimp Larvae in development

May 17, 2016 by Serge Abourjeily No Comment

On a recent Blackwater Nightdive I was lucky enough to witness a Shrimp Larvae shedding its skin. During our Blackwater Nightdives we attract weird planktonic creatures with strong lights and get to see various juvenile fishes, squids, octopi, worms and a lot of strange crustaceans. This shrimp caught my eye and at first I thought it ...

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Sea Urchins and their inhabitants

October 3, 2015 by Serge Abourjeily No Comment

Sea Urchins are present on most Muck Dives here in Lembeh Strait. And they are not only decoration for the dive sites but also home to many cool Critters. The urchins long spines offer a protected home to fishes and other animals alike. Often appearing in groups, a field of sea urchins is a amazing micro ...

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Cryptic Sponge Shrimp: Creature Feature

September 24, 2015 by Serge Abourjeily No Comment

The Cryptic Sponge Shrimp or Paron Shrimp (Gelastocaris paronae) is a small crustacean that really has perfected its camouflage. It grows to about 2,5 cm in size and lives on sponges which it matches perfectly in colour, texture and shape: The Cryptic Sponge Shrimp has very small dark spots all over its body that make him actually ...

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Cleaning Stations: Lembeh Behaviour

September 21, 2015 by Serge Abourjeily No Comment

Photos showing behaviour are more interesting than just a plain shot of the animal. This is why cleaning stations are still popular macro subjects. In Lembeh Strait people often forget that due to the abundance of cool critters on the dive sites. But if you keep your eye open there is some great cleaning action to ...

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Crowded Crinoids

April 13, 2015 by Serge Abourjeily No Comment

Divers sometimes think, that Dive Guides have Superpowers. But finding Critters is not about having a build in Magic Radar or X-Ray Eyes. Okay, Good Dive Guides do have excellent eyes, but they mainly score with local knowledge of the dive sites and knowledge of the Habitats and “Micro Habitats”. And this is actually not that difficult ...

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Creature Feature: Smashing Mantis Shrimp

April 10, 2015 by Serge Abourjeily No Comment

From all the Critters to be seen in Lembeh Strait, the Mantis Shrimp is definitely one that the untrained Critter Spotter can easily find on its own. At least many of them … there is not only one kind of Mantis Shrimp. First of all, the Family  of the Mantis Shrimp consists of predators only ...

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Gobies of Lembeh Strait

October 10, 2014 by Serge Abourjeily No Comment

Frogfish – check, Mimic Octopus – check, Harlequin Shrimp – check: People visiting Lembeh are often so overwhelmed by the abundance of critters their dive guide shows them, that they forget to pay attention to the “ground noise” in between. There are a whole lot of cool photo subjects outside of the common “critter bucket ...

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Creature Feature: Coleman Shrimp

In the creepy and ugly world of much diving and critters Coleman Shrimps (Periclimenes colemani) make a big exception. They are very attractive with nice colours, a beautiful pattern and a host that couldn’t be more colourful: The Coleman Shrimp is a commensal shrimp and lives on the Variable Fire Urchin (Asthenosoma varium). While you ...

Boxer-Shrimp attacking Puffer

Some Lembeh Dive Stories don’t request special Critters … like this one: On their recent stay at NAD-Lembeh our repeater Guests Dom & Babette were diving two weeks with our Guide Supervisor Paulus and were – besides many other cool critter sightings – lucky enough to witness a very special moment. On a Night dive ...

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