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Cool Lembeh Video

February 1, 2015 by Simon No Comment

Here’s a video by one of our lovely guests, Lou Smith. The was Lou’s first macro trip shooting video with an SLR and she was very frustrated in the first few days but battled through and produced this lovely film:

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Blue Ring Fever Reaches a Climax

Blue Ring Octopus have been everywhere form months now, which is unusual to have them around for so long.  The guests have seen them mating, feeding, fighting and now we saw a beautiful specimen with eggs.  Blue Rings doing normal behaviour are a Top 10 Critter for Lembeh, where would you place one with eggs?! ...

Hairy Octopus Video

I finally got around to posting my Hairy Octopus video, we’ve seen 3 in 3 days now here in Lembeh!

Johan, Marnes and Indra shoot their first Hairy Octopus

We’ve been having fantastic diving recently, and we have been having some fun with the guys taking pictures and also annoying out yearly repeat guest, Mood. Mood has been to Lembeh every year for the last 5 years and still does not have the hairy octopus, he always missed it.  We see it when he ...

Nudibranch Jockeys

The other day at TK I found (well of course i didn’t, the guides did!) a pair of Commensal Shrimp (Periclimenes imperator)  sitting on the back of a Glossodoris nudibranch. I also managed to get a few video clips of them feeding as well, these are some of my favourite shrimp, just behind the coleman shrimp… ...

Lovely Lembeh Video

Here is a Video Shot by Dustin Adamson took back in April. Dustin shot this with a  Canon 5dMkii and the 100mm lens: Congratulations to Dustin for editing such a wonderful piece.

Video / Slideshow by our guests Markus and Nicole

Our Guests Markus and Nicole from Germany have been diving with us this January/February for 3 weeks. It was their first trip to Lembeh Strait and they were amazed by the immense biodiversity and all the beautiful and weird critters. Now they put up a slideshow with their photos and videos on vimeo. It has ...

Guest Video shot at NAD

Below is a movie shot by one of our repeater guests EunJae here in the Lembeh Strait, he shot the movie using a Canon 7D in a Nauticam housing with tripod and L&M Sola 1200 Video Lights. As you can see he has a thing for Hairy Shrimps. To see more of EJ’s work visit ...

Video of the Little Green Shrimp

On his recent Trip to NAD Lembeh our guest and friend Eun Jae Im filmed the little green Phycocaris Shrimp that we discovered last year here in Lembeh. Eun Jae is shooting his video with a Canon EOS 7D in a Nauticam Housing and a external monitor in a prototype monitor housing by Nauticam – ...

Cool Video shot at NAD Lembeh Housereef

Yesterday afternoon and evening Simon took his Sony EX1 Video Camera on 2 housereef dives here at NAD Lembeh. He had Century Diopters mounted on his Sealux housing for extra magnification (2 stacked on the afternoon and one on the nightdive). Watch this short clip with some of the critters he found – just a ...


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