Shannon Conway and Graham Abbott are visiting NAD Lembeh to look for the hottest critters in the region!

We will be going to see good friends at the hot to trot critter lovers resort, NAD-Lembeh. On Diving 4 Images’s last trip through here we had lots of great highlights and even had a really fantastic day of wide angle reef diving on the Lembeh that people rarely hear about.

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Melibe colemani


February 22th 2016 to March 3rd 2016. Divers can join for longer or shorter duration if they wish. Let us know your dates and will work out a package to suit your dates.

Nad Lembeh really has to be the premier place for critter lovers, especially the super keen photographers to head to. I know more about why now as well… They are really creating a buzz after finding a few species previously unknown from Sulawesi. Such as, Melibe colemani and the Bryozoan goby, there were more critters they showed us on our last trip through here too.

How about the chance to see scenery like at Lembeh?

Nad Lembeh have enthusiastic guides who are keen to find clients not only the usual subjects but also the more unusual too! Plus, their camera room really rocks! For dive guides there is a ratio of 2 divers per guide and also the option to add a little extra and take your own private guide as well.


All accommodations are air-conditioned beachfront rooms which reportedly, have the most comfortable beds in north Sulawesi. The beach front rooms are all on the same level as the dive shop, camera room and jetty, which no long walks to and from dive boats. There are also a few lovely appointed bungalows that are a little higher and with more privacy.

Trip details

What wetsuits to bring

I always recommend at least 5mm as our dives are long and very slow.

Learn some new techniques with Shannon Conway

The diving

Not only black sand critter diving on this trip. We can also arrange another exciting trip to venture out to other habitats that the guys here at Nad have found. If we are lucky with the weather we may even be able to get out to dive the east coast of Lembeh island too! It is not all about tiny micro critters, there are lush areas of soft corals, a few shallow reefs and a range of different areas of interest for photography here too!

How about being one of the very few people to ever see this, yet to be named Bryozoan goby?

Getting There

This all depends on where you are flying in from. Divers flying in rom the Europe and USA are best flying via Singapore and taking Silk Air to Manado. For those flying in from Australia you can fly via Jakarta or Bali. We will help organise the best and most efficient logistics for you…

Please head to the Diving4 Images website for help with flight schedules and bookings.

Look forward to diving with you…

Graham Abbott & Shannon Conway

When Graham Abbott founded Diving 4 Images in 2002 it was with a vision to provide the best guide and charter service in Indonesia.

Graham wanted to work with the best underwater photographers and film-makers and, having worked with the BBC, IMAX 3D, National Geographic and numerous professional photographers. This is a goal that has certainly been achieved. Indeed for many professional photographers and film-makers Graham is the guide of choice for any projects in Indonesia.

Shannon Conway is a professional underwater photographer creating images for the advertising, editorial and the fine art market. He has an energetic passion for his photography with the patience to capture that peak of the action.