NAD Lembeh Resort features 10 Air Conditioned Rooms and 5 Airconditioned Wooden Bungalows. We have an Open Air Restaurant and Common Area with adjacent camera room and rebreather facilities.

Our on our grassy area we have sunbeds, small pool and a jacuzzi for people to do a little tanning between dives, and a floating jetty to make access to the boats as dignified and comfortable as possible.

Aerial NAD Lembeh Resort

Our Rooms and Bungalows have Airconditioning, hot water and comfy new mattresses.  Our rooms are all conveniently located from the clubhouse, and the bungalows are up a small staircase overlooking the Lembeh Strait.

Our divecenter features, Nitrox Membrane, 3 well maintained compressors and a huge filter system to keep your air clean and dry.  We have 4 large comfortable diveboats with fast eco-friendly engines, and a large diveteam offering you 2:1 diveguide ratio, the best ratio from any Lembeh Resort.

The Resort Location is directly opposite Nudi Falls, a little south of Lembeh Resort.  We are built at the foot of a hill, and our Standard Beachfront Rooms are at ground level with 2 steps (we can add ramps for wheelchairs).  Our Bungalows are up approximately a dozen steps (New steps June 2015).

We try to keep as many trees as possible around the resort as they provide shade and a more comfortable climate. We do our best to be eco-friendly but do not yet advertise as an eco-resort as we believe this requires a infrastructure not yet available in North Sulawesi.