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To get to Lembeh, you need to fly to Manado (MDC).  You can get there on direct flights from Singapore (SIN) and Jakarta (CGK) – we recommend these two as the major travel hubs.  There are also flights from Bali (DPS), Makassar (UPG) and Surabaya (SUB).

Manado is also a hub to get to West Papua and Raja Ampat by takign a flight to Sorong (SOQ)

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Our Electricity is clean and stable, and changed twice a day.  Our Generators are all ‘new’ bought in 2011, 2012, 2013.  They pump out 3 phase power at 220v which is stabilised by a top of the range AVR.  Our sockets are two pin European Style as standard, with various multi sockets available.

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Our supplies are purchased daily and all food is prepared freshly onsite.  If you have special dietary requirements, please let us know in advance.  We can accomodate almost anything, with enough notice. Dining at NAD is with a Long Table concept to get everyone talking, but if you prefer your own table just let us know!  If you would like a mean for a special occasion this can also be arranged.

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Diveboats – on the boat we have numbered towels, water, tea, coffee (want a cool box of cold drinks? Just ask), snacks, first aid kit, GPS, Camera Rinse, Oxygen and a Toilet.  And 2 of the best crew you can find.  Inside our Boats is NON-SMOKING.  Smokers sit on the roof! (bring suncream!).  We do not anchor on divesites, and we do not carry anchors on our boats as standard.

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We train all our Boatmen and Guides First Aid. They are refreshed once a year as standard, where we also bring in staff from other areas of the resort to join in the fun.  We use SSi for our training materials and have 2 Resucitation Dolls on Site.

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We have Indonesian Beers for sale in the resort (typically Bintang). We strongly advise that if you enjoy a drink of something stronger that you should purchase in duty free on your way to visit us. Tonic water is normally available, but if it is important check a few days prior to your arrival!

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We have Free WIFI, but do not expect fast internet.


If you have urgent business and need a backup, we can get a SIM card for you and set up a 3G connection which will work throughout Indonesia.

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Film Project?  No Problem.  We have the largest inventory of filming equipment in the region and boats purpose built for photography.

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If something is not to your liking, please tell us when it happens.  It’s the only way we can deal with it.  Telling us on Checkout is too late and there’s nothing we can do about it then. Serge, Linda, Simon, Zee and the diveteam are there to listen to you!