Lembeh Diving

Diving the Lembeh Strait is something that all divers should try at least once, these black sand bays and coral outcrops hold an outstanding amount of marine life.

If you are an underwater photographer, then the Lembeh Strait should be on your must visit list, likely multiple times!

Lembeh Diving is normally quite simple with very little current, if you want to leafn a little more about diving in lembeh read our Lembeh for Dummies Section or our Blog to learn a little more about the Lembeh Diving style.

Divers visiting Lembeh are likely to see a vast list of must-see critters, such as frogfish, mimic octopus, rhinopias, a huge array of nudibranchs and other octopus, the Blue Ringed Octopus being a highlight.  Lembeh is not just muck diving though, we explore all over the Island and beyond to find some of the best reef diving in SE Asia.

Lembeh Diving can be done on Air, Nitrox or if you are into deep exploration, Trimix. We have all three on location at NAD Lembeh, and we offer rental of a whole host of equipment from BCD’s and regulators all the way to 6K video camera systems.

Lembeh Divers do not need to have a large amount of experience, but they must be prepared to modify their diving style and learn to kick properly when swimming without kicking up large clouds of silt and sand.  Go slow and you might even start finding some critters by yourself. A keen eyed guide is considered vital by most people, and we have a lot of them! Our 2:1 ratio means that you get to have a private diving experience with your buddy and ample opportunity to get lots of photographs underwater.

Lembeh Strait Diving Destination
Lembeh Diving Map
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