Starting in 2014, NAD had already banned the use of dive gloves. In the past year however, we’ve listened to people which we probably shouldn’t have done. Based on some guest feedback, we decided to be more lenient with gloves and trust that not the gloves as such are bad but the person wearing them.

As a result, we have now seen that people who talked about being good divers and wearing gloves, would still cause more damage than if they did not wear gloves. Therefore, we will no longer allowing people to dive with gloves at NAD Lembeh.

Hydroid stings hurt, and they cause your skin to swell up and itch for a few weeks – we all get those from time to time. We call this the “hand of shame” and it should be a reminder to all of us to be more careful when we dive! In case the itching gets too bad, we do have hydrocortisone in the office.

If you’re worried about getting stung by marine creatures living in the sand, please keep using your pointer sticks – or proper buoyancy 😉 Gloves will not protect you in this case anyway, the sting of a scorpionfish for example would go right through!

We’re sure that most of our guests will welcome our no gloves policy, which is quite common nowadays in most dive destinations anyway. The one and only exception we allow to this rule, is if you’re bringing an EpiPen from your doctor because you’re deadly allergic to marine stings.

We all appreciate your support for our NO GLOVES policy, effective June 1st, 2018.

P.S.: If you wanna be angry about this, please be angry with Simon, not with our dive guides 😉

NAD-Lembeh Resort No Gloves