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The premier destination for underwater photographers in the Lembeh Strait

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Our dive team is familiar with Canon, Nikon and Mirrorless systems in Nauticam Housings.

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The borders are opening, and we are open too. Check here for more info

The premier destination for underwater photographers in the Lembeh Strait.

NAD-Lembeh Resort and the Lembeh Strait are famous all over the world for the peerless macro and muck diving combined with comfortable good value accommodation and food. Our Staff at NAD-Lembeh love diving and photography. We’re confident you won’t find a better overall experience anywhere else.

NAD-Lembeh swimming pool
NAD-Lembeh in a small bay on Lembeh Island

The Lembeh Strait region offers more than just face-to-face encounters with weird and wonderful critters. We also have wall diving, technical diving, and big fish dives – but most importantly; a lot of muck and sand habitats for you to perfect your photographic technique during your dives.

NAD is owned by Simon and Zee, who before COVID struck lived full time at NAD, building up both the facilities and reputation of our small little photographic resort. Normally we’d identify as serial travellers and divers who when not at NAD would be off on an adventure diving somewhere.

This enforced absence from Indonesia for a couple of years has really made us re-evaluate our priorities and to be honest we just want to have some great macro diving in small uncrowded groups. Add in some good food, and maybe a Bintang or a cocktail in the evening. We’re pretty sure that most of you reading this feel the same way, so hope you’ll come diving with us and our team!

How to get to NAD Lembeh

Please contact us for the latest information. Tourist Visa on Arrival is still not available at this time, but we hope for an update soon.

Life after COVID-19

We’re really hoping that this is the beginning of the end for restrictions caused by COVID-19. With that in mind as we reopen we would like to clarify a few points for making bookings in for post-COVID travel.

Those of you that still hold a booking credit with us; thank you for your patience. You’ve helped us get this far. Your rates are fixed as per your invoice and you can contact Zee to rearrange your travel when you’re ready.

Demand is high for September 2022 and other peak dates – we really will need you to decide quickly if you still want to travel.

Post COVID Booking conditions

COVID Related Travel Insurance is Mandatory. You must have insurance.

Indonesia requires all travellers to be vaccinated at the moment, if that changes we will make a policy regarding that – should be great for arguments on facebook.

Our usual booking terms will apply once Indonesia issues Visa on Arrival (VOA). This means if you can’t travel due to illness, COVID or otherwise you will need to claim from your travel insurance.

If you catch covid when in Indonesia and have to miss dives with us, again, this should be claimed from your travel insurance.

If you catch COVID whilst staying at NAD you will need to isolate in your room – and likely extend your booking until you get the all clear to travel onwards. Again this falls under the terms of your Insurance.

If Indonesia decides that COVID-19 is again a threat and removes the possibility of travel to Indonesia / VOA system (closes borders to tourists). In this situation we will allow for postponement of your trip to a future date when the borders reopen.

Insurance Ideas

We don’t have any affiliation with any of these companies, but we will list companies here that are recommended to us. So far we do not know anyone who has needed to use a COVID policy, so we don’t know how that works. Please let us know if you have any recommendations and we will add them here:



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COVID-19 Travel Info

Latest Announcement: **Vaccinated travellers no longer need to show a negative test to enter Indonesia** **Download the App, and upload your vaccination certificate and you are good to go** It’s taken 2 years so far, Read more…

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