Black Water Night Dive Week

Black Water Night Dives are all about looking for the small and obscure. We do various types of Black Water dives in various areas of the Strait depending on the weather and currents.

Most dives you will be on or around a sandy reef, seeing what our lights attract during the dive, sometimes we may choose to use a hangline in deep water with the lights and see what we can find.

“Black Water Night Dive Weeks” will follow the similar format as our old “Night Safaris” in 2009 – 2012, where we do more night dives than day dives. Expect to be tired, have strange meal times and not drink very much alcohol!

“Occasionally we see nothing, sometimes we see a lot. Rarely we see everything.”


Our 2018 program will follow the following weeks:

3rd – 10th November 2018

5th – 12th December 2018


And here are our 2019 dates:

4th – 11th January, 2019

1st – 8th February, 2019

1st – 8th March, 2019

1st – 8th April, 2019

1st – 8th May, 2019

29th May – 5th June, 2019

26th June – 3rd July, 2019

26th July – 2nd August, 2019

26th August – 2nd September, 2019

27th September – 4th October, 2019

26th October – 2nd November, 2019

25th November – 2nd December, 2019

27th December – 3rd January, 2020

Whilst we can arrange Black Water experiences in any moon phase, we feel that these will be the most fruitful periods.