Simon is an avid photographer - Underwater, on land and in the Air. He's also pretty good at repairing things and getting new gadgets for the resort!
NAD-Lembeh Resort Beachfront Room Outside
NAD-Lembeh Resort Beachfront Room InsideNAD-Lembeh Resort Beachfront Room Outside

Beachfront Rooms

Our rooms directly by the beach and pool. Ideal for those who do not like steps or just want to be closer to the restaurant, bar and camera room. Twin as well as double beds are available. Adjacent rooms are perfect for groups traveling together. Spend the evenings on your own little veranda overlooking the…

NAD-Lembeh Resort Seaview Bungalow
NAD-Lembeh Resort Seaview BungalowNAD-Lembeh Resort Seaview BungalowNAD-Lembeh Resort Seaview Bungalow

Seaview Bungalows

Our stand-alone bungalows are located in a secluded portion of the resort, a short distance away from the main building.

With an impressive view over the bay, suitable for couples who want to spend their evenings sitting on a private deck with the best view in the Straits.

All our bungalows feature an additional day room, suitable to be used as small office or for a child.

Black Rayed Shrimpgoby feeds partner shrimp some poop!

Have you ever wondered how the partner shrimp in the Lembeh Strait get their food? I always assumed that 100% of it came from digging through the sand and finding morcels of food between the rocks and grains of sand.  Today changed my opinion – the shrimp goby clearly plucks a piece of poop from the water column and passes it down into the burrow for the partner shrimp – I peered over the top of the camera and the partner shrimp did pick it up and withdraw into the burrow with it.

Shaun the Sheep Nudibranch, Costasiella sp

Which Diopter – Part 3

Day 3 with the Diopters and it’s starting to feel like groundhog day.

Today I had the 45degree viewfinder on, so at least my neck doesnt hurt as I write this.  Today I took down the Noodilab Moby and the SMC2, on the Nikon D500. I’m really enjoying using the crop sensor D500 over my 1Dx, somehow the Nikon colour space just feels much nicer out of the camera on macro photos, and of course the crop is great until you meet up with a hairy frogfish or flamboyant cuttlefish and end up shooting them from over a meter away. Maybe I should bring one of our rental compacts such as the Sony RX100V or Olympus TG4 next time.

Nauticam SMC, Subsee

Which Diopter?

These days it is pretty hard to choose from all the diopters available – you probably have at least one old school one in your kit bag.  The Inon UCL 165 and 330 were the first mass produced diopters specifically for underwater use, before those we had to use slide on single element diopters (woodys diopter), or put a higher quality dual element diopter directly on your lens before you got in the water (Nikon 6T).

New Pool and Jacuzzi in Lembeh!

We have had a quiet few months at NAD, and have been busy making some improvements!

We now have a new pool and jacuzzi near the main rooms.  Custom designed by Simon, and then build by Simon, Serge and help from all of our team we now have a nice capacity pool to enjoy a drink or the relaxing massage of the spa jets in the jacuzzi.

and the winner is…

Thank you to everyone that took part in our small competitions we ran over the summer months. The winner of our 10 Nights dive and stay package is Thomas Vanderschoot. The winner of the free nitrox for their next stay is Frank Tai. Winners have been notified and should they not claim their prizes we…