Dropping in to the pitch-black water for the first time can be disorientating at best, terrifying at worst – maybe a gallery of Lembeh blackwater images might tempt you to take the plunge on your next visit to Lembeh. We hope that with a bit of guidance we can paint a picture of what a blackwater dive is like when it goes right… and also give an idea of what it goes like when it goes wrong!

We have done more blackwater dives than anyone else in the strait (mostly due to Simon going on his own to find the best spots for a year before we made the book), and we can say hat most of the time we’ve got it right. The times when we haven’t, have at the worst case resulted in grumpy guests due to a lack of photo opportunities rather than dangerous situations. To find out more about what goes on during a blackwater dive click here.

Below are a selection of images when it goes well and we find what we are looking for, we hope you enjoy them and find some of these (and some new things) when you come blackwater diving with us!

Lembeh Blackwater Gallery

When staying with NAD-Lembeh be sure to ask your guide about trying a blackwater dive, when conditions suit it we are always willing to give it a go. Please remember that conditions may not always be suitable for a drift dive, and if that is the case our team of dive guides will recommend a ‘bonfire’ dive where we put some torches on the sand and see what we can attract. These dives are slower paced than the drift dives, and provide good opportunity for ‘newbies’ to practice their settings and technique, so should not be considered a lesser opportunity.

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