How to get to NAD from Bali

As of today, Bali is now running a ‘no quarantine’ trial system for its International arrivals who are from certain countries and are fully vaccinated. This new system allows you to arrive at the airport, and immediately take a PCR test as you clear immigration. You then go to your hotel, and wait for the results – We believe you’re free to roam around the hotel but not leave the grounds.

Once you are proven to be negative (that evening in most cases) then you’re free to enjoy Bali, but you must stay in the same hotel until at least day 4. Go for dinner, go diving, go shopping, or simply relax by the pool and take in the sights and smells of Bali.

The reason for this mandated stay until day 4 is that on day 3 you need to take another PCR test – and once that comes back negative you’re free to carry on in Bali or come to us at NAD.

During this period of time in Bali you can go diving with our friends at Underwater Tribe, who can organise a day trip for you to Tulamben under the supervision of their Instructor / Guide, or if available you might want to take a photo Class with Luca or Mike to brush up on your skills.

Flying to Manado from Bali.

This is where it starts to get interesting, if you’re fully vaccinated you can fly without the need for any COVID test, just like the old days. So you can jump on Lionair / Garuda to Manado and then on to us in NAD fairly simply.

We’re really hopeful that once this trial in Bali is proved successful there will be access to Visa on Arrival for tourists once again.

NAD Location
NAD-Lembeh Resort Location
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