Latest Announcement:

**Vaccinated travellers no longer need to show a negative test to enter Indonesia**

**The Peduli Lindungi App does not work with foreign vaccination certs, just bring a paper copy**

We’re open and back to normal. Let’s go diving!

It’s taken 2 years so far, but it seems we are finally near the end of this COVID adventure. As a team, the staff and ownership of NAD-Lembeh have had 2 years to reflect on how we want to move forward. The general consensus is we love diving and working with all you lovely guests, so we want to have you back with us as soon as possible! More to come on what the staff have been doing.


The Visa On Arrival system is currently active and the price is Rp500,000 ($35 USD) per person for a 30 day visa that can be extended to 60 days at an immigration office. Bring USD or IDR cash for this.

You can fly into Manado from Singapore via SCOOT Airways, which is a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. You CAN book directly from your home airport to Manado on the Singapore Airlines website, and have your bags checked through to the destination.

You can also Travel el via Jakarta, Bali, Sorong or wherever, it’s back to normal now:

September 2022 blog on travelling via Jakarta is here.

Before you Fly:
  1. You will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at least 2 weeks prior to arriving into Indonesia, and also bring with you a copy (digital or paper, we suggest both just in case). The App doesn’t work for foreigners, paper copies are happily accepted
  2. Proof of a Return ticket.
  3. Proof of insurance is no longer being asked for, but a very good idea to have some insurance.
Staying with us

Most of our site is open air with plenty of ventilation – please let us know in your booking if you have any concerns, and we can address them before you visit.

Leaving NAD-Lembeh

If you are leaving NAD to somewhere else within Indonesia then you do not need to have proof of a negative test if you’re vaccinated, likewise for most international destinations.



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