NAD-Lembeh Resort Pontoh's Pygmy Seahorse

NAD-Lembeh Highlights December 2018

Different species of Nudibranchs seemed to have replaced the abundance of cephalopods we’ve had during the previous month. Frogfishes, which are always a great subject to film and photograph, are still around – various species, colours and sizes. Following our 2018 highlights video, have a look what December had in stock for us!

NAD-Lembeh Highlights 2018

Another fantastic year of diving in the Lembeh Strait comes to an end. A big shout out to all of the staff at NAD and of course all our guests which made 2018 another great year to remember. Most memorable moments for me were when we saw Whaleshark, Rhinopias, Melibe Colemani, Blue-Ringed Octopus, hatching Flamboyant Cuttlefish and Blue-Ringed Octopus Eggs as well as many new critters during Blackwater Night Dives. Bring on 2019 for some more amazing encounters with the critters and creatures of Lembeh!

NAD-Lembeh Highlights October 2018

Our high season is in full swing: the amount of critters and creatures we’ve encountered last month is just incredible! The extremely cryptic and rare Melibe Colemani being a highlight, accompanied by the male Paper Nautilus during Blackwater Night Dive. Check out our highlights video from October 2018!

NAD in Garuda Inflight Magazine

We’ve had the honor to welcome Tommy Schultz, editor for the Garuda inflight magazine “Colours” at NAD. As a result, he has put together a great article about diving in Lembeh and with one of the most experienced dive guides. Paulus started his dive career almost 30 years ago with muck diving pioneer Larry Smith and we’re proud to call him the Supervisor of our dive team.

NAD-Lembeh Highlights March 2018

Harlequin and Spiny Tiger Shrimp, Juvenile Warty and Painted Frogfish as well as Giant Frogfish are only a few of the highlights from this month. The conditions for diving in Lembeh are perfect right now: with the winds from the North slowing down, we are able to dive both North and South end of the Lembeh Strait.

Guest Video: Dan McGanty

Helen Brierley and Dan McGanty from the US have just recently visited us here at NAD for a week of diving in Lembeh. Their passion for the underwater world was quite obvious from the beginning: after 3 dives per day, they would furthermore head out for a Blackwater Night dive every night.