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It’s taken 2 years so far, but it seems we are finally near the end of this COVID adventure. As a team, the staff and ownership of NAD-Lembeh have had 2 years to reflect on how we want to move forward – and the general consensus is we love diving and working with all you lovely guests, so we want to have you back with us as soon as possible! More to come on what the staff have been doing.

With this in mind here is the latest info on how we will move forward to live with COVID.


The Visa On Arrival system is currently active and the price is Rp500,000 ($35 USD) per person for a 30 day visa that can be extended to 60 days at an immigration office. Amazingly this looks like it can be paid by credit card, but we would advise bringing cash equivalence just in case.

If you want to fly before then you will need to apply for a B211 visa (E-Visa Application) This costs around $300USD, and is a bit of a pain.

Before you Fly / COVID Testing:
  1. You will need to be fully vaccinated at least 2 weeks prior to arriving into Indonesia, and also bring with you a copy (digital or paper, we suggest both just in case). You will also want to register on the Indonesian version of the covid app and update your information to show you are vaccinated. (
  2. Proof of negative COVID PCR test that was taken within 48hours of your departure to Indonesia.
  3. Proof of a Return ticket.
  4. Proof of insurance covering at least $25,000 and COVID cover. (
  5. Proof of Registration on the COVID App (search eHAC in App Store, select Peduli Lindungi)

Currently redacted / phased out:

  1. Proof of a booking confirmation (and payment proof) with a registered CHSE hotel in Indonesia
  2. Finally you have to take another PCR test before you leave the airport, the result for which will be linked to your Indonesian COVID App. These tests will be around Rp 275,000, and hopefully run by the University in Manado ( = quick turnaround times). Still under negotiation.
  3. You must then wait at a CHSE approved hotel for this result (usually within a few hours). We recommend the FAVEHotel ( as you can book directly, it is cheap, clean and close to NAD for you to be able to escape to the camera room as soon as you get a negative test. **See paragraph below, potential update incoming** NOVOTEL at the airport is also a possibility (Much more expensive, strict cancellation policy, we have to book the covid package for you) – Zee can discuss this with you on email.

** Bali has also dropped the requirement for a CHSE certified hotel after you arrive in Indonesia, so we are hopeful that by the time you can fly directly into Manado with a VOA it will be the same for us – in this eventuality we meet you at the airport like the old days.

Staying with us

The Government of Indonesia expects you to comply with the rules whilst within the country, please make sure you are following these rules in any pictures that you post online! Most of our site is open air with plenty of ventilation – please let us know in your booking if you have any concerns, and we can address them before you visit.

Leaving NAD-Lembeh

If you are leaving NAD to somewhere else within Indonesia then you do not need to have proof of a negative test, but have the Peduli Lindungi app ready.

If you are flying Internationally then the requirements for testing will be determined by your destination (home) country. We can arrange for PCR testing in Bitung and Manado, but please talk with us via email or staff onsite close to your departure date to check the latest status quo. As demand for testing has decreased (due to lack of testing requirement for domestic travel) the number of options available locally has decreased and will continue to do so.

Post COVID Booking conditions

COVID Related Travel Insurance is Mandatory. You must have insurance.

Indonesia requires all travellers to be vaccinated at the moment, if that changes we will make a policy regarding that – should be great for arguments on facebook.

Our usual booking terms will apply once Indonesia issues Visa on Arrival (VOA). This means if you can’t travel due to illness, COVID or otherwise you will need to claim from your travel insurance.

If you catch covid when in Indonesia and have to miss dives with us, again, this should be claimed from your travel insurance –  we will not allow credit or moving the dives to a girl you fancy in the bar (even your wife) – please use the insurance!

If you catch COVID whilst staying at NAD you will need to isolate in your room – and likely extend your booking until you get the all clear to travel onwards. Again this falls under the terms of your Insurance.

If Indonesia decides that COVID-19 is again a threat and removes the possibility of travel to Indonesia / VOA system (closes borders to tourists). In this situation we will allow for postponement of your trip to a future date when the borders reopen.

If your home country puts Indonesia on the red-list and will not allow you to travel then we would not offer rescheduling, you should claim from your insurance.

Life after COVID-19

We’re really hoping that this is the beginning of the end for restrictions caused by COVID-19. With that in mind as we reopen we would like to clarify a few points for making bookings in for post-COVID travel.

Those of you that still hold a booking credit with us; thank you for your patience. You’ve helped us get this far. Your rates are fixed as per your invoice and you can contact Zee to rearrange your travel when you’re ready.

Those of you who have asked to hold dates in case the border re-opens / Tourist Visas can be issued – as soon as it does we will start contacting you for confirmation and payment if the travel dates are near.

Demand is high for September 2022 and other peak dates – we really will need you to decide quickly if you still want to travel.

If you’re booking directly and want to move your booking to 2023, there is a possibility of shortcutting the 2022 rates by getting your deposit to us now. This will help us hire more staff back sooner.

Those of you with new bookings – well, you lucky people get the new rates!

There is a small but increasing possibility that the conflict in the Ukraine might affect prices of fuel and everything else – if we do get to that point then tourism providers may indeed have to add a fuel surcharge to services.

Frankly the idea of this makes us want to vomit.

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