Among the numerous gobies to be seen in Lembeh Strait one of the most stunning ones is without doubt the Magnificent Shrimpgoby (Flabelligobius sp.). Even though this fish is mainly black it well deserves its name: Mainly due to its oversized dorsal fin. This sail-like fin either shows a white or a orange leopardlike pattern on the dark ground. Then there are also some blue accents throughout the body of this beautiful fish. The best pose is when this goby comes out of its burrow completely and spreads all its fin. The Magnificent Shrimpgoby lives in symbiosis with the red and white coloured Randall’s Alpheid Shrimp.

The two main problems with this fish are that is is firstly quite shy and secondly lives quite deep – Pairs or single individuals can be found from 30m downwards. Occasionally they can be seen in between 20 and 25 m. This means that caution is the key when trying to observe or photograph these gobies: Approach slowly without quick movements and reduce the noise of your exhalation by exhaling slowly.

Good Divesites to see the Magnificent Shrimpgoby in Lembeh: Northern Dive Sites like Angels Window but also spots like Pintu Colada 1, Critter Hunt etc.

Tips for Shooting the Magnificent Shrimpgoby: Compact Cameras will not work here – you will need a DSLR or a Camera with exchangeable lens … and you will need a longer lens. A 150mm for Fullframe or a 100mm on APS-C are good.