If you like Nudibranchs, then Lembeh is the place to go – a trasure chamber full of Nudibranchs and Slugs of all families. This was proved again on a recent dive at Nudi Falls. I can’t really remember how many different species of Nudibranch we counted in total, but it was very impressive and our guest kept talking about it all day. There were Hairy Norse Gods, Pikacus (Thecacera), Melibes, Gymnodoris and many others. But my personal highlight on this special dive were these two little Trapania Nudibranchs. Trapanias are very small (max 1-2 cm) and a not very common Group of Nudibranchs. I have seen about 5 or 6 different species of Trapania here in Lembeh – but i have never seen two species on a single dive. I was highly considering changing lenses these days and do some Close Focus Wide Angle … but i think i just stick with the 100mm for some more days and shoot Nudibranchs 😉