This morning we had two fantastic dives again here in Lembeh Strait … the first one at Critter Hunt and the second one at Nudi Falls. Besides many cool critters such as Wonderpus, Seamoths, Nudibranchs and other things we saw two tiny shrimps of the same species. I found one on the first dive and our dive guide Indra found one on the second dive at Nudi Falls. They are shrimps of the genus phycocaris (just like the hairy shrimp) and are about the the size of a grain of rice (slightly smaller even). They can be found on rocks and debris. Oh … and this afternoon our Guest Martin saw a Manta Ray at Aer Prang – his first Manta ever.


Andiline · April 12, 2012 at 9:54 pm

Just how many shrimps are there on the second pic? Three? Looks like that to me… two beige ones and one transparent one above them.

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