Heteronucia perlata
It is quite amazing that even though i already work in Lembeh for several years, i can still find new things – and this is why i love this place so much. Yesterday we went to our second morning dive at Tandu Rusa to look for two little Shaggy Frogfishes and a Painted frogfish. On my way back to the boat i found this little Crab in between the rubble. It is white, thorny and has not only the shape but also the size of a pearl. A Pearl Granulate Purse Crab (Heteronucia perlata). Not really a Critter that people have on their whishlist when they come to Lembeh – but still a very beautiful Crab. And the cool thing is: The more you start searching for things that are weird and wonderful, the more new stuff you find.