Lembeh is a treasure Chamber for Critter lovers and the abundance of species and varieties makes identification difficult at times. That’s why we have a very very complete Marine Life and Fish ID Library at NAD Lembeh – with some comfortable sofas in our air conditioned “Dry Camera Room“. You have seen a Shrimp, Octopus, Frogfish, Nudibranch … or something you don’t even know WHAT it is? Just look it up in one of our books. For example we have 6 different books in which you can look up nudibranchs. The picture shows a selection of our library (i could not fit more on the table) and besides some other books, we also have most of them as spares in the office. In our dedicated UW Library you can also find various UW Photography Coffee Table Books and books about Photography  … so if ever you find some moments in between diving: There is a lot to read 😉