No doubt: Diving in Lembeh is good all year round and there is always a lot to see. But still it is never the same and everytime you come you see some things more frequently and others less frequently. The last days i realized, that there are several members of the Aeolid Nudibranchs (the rather hairy ones like Flabellinas or Phyllodensium) aggregating. I have seen now 4 different species gathering for mating (i suppose) in 2 days of diving.
Specially the Phyllodensium is a very cool group of Nudibranchs as most of them store symbiotic zooxanthella algae in their tentacles to gain energy through photosynthesis. Plus they are very well camouflaged as they often exactely match the corals they live on – so this makes it even more special if you can spot them. There are many different species of this group to see here in Lembeh Strait … besides hundreds of other nudibranchs and thousands of other cool critters.