Alien skull shaped elbow crab
On todays morning dive at Nudi Falls i found this cool crab. It is a very weird looking elbow crab whose colour and shape strongly remind of a skull – even though the shape is not really human … rather the one of the stereotypic Alien. So i will call it Alien Crab (i am sure it has another name). After i made sure, that this is not a dead crab or a piece of rock with a strange shape (i did the poke test and it moved …) i started to look for the eyes, but the shady areas, where a “skull” would have had the eye cavities did not contain any eyes. I finally spotted them right over the mouth – two yellowish spots under the inner borders of the “skull-eyes”. The crab was about 1-2 cm in size and i found it sitting on a small rock … after the photo session on this sponge, i placed it back on its rock.