Histrio histrio
At NAD Lembeh Resort not only the Dive Guides have good eyes – also the Boat Crew: On today’s morning dives our Boat Crew Aco and Direk spotted a Sargassum Frogfish (Histrio histrio) floating in a yoghurt cup right next to the boat. It was very close to shore and the beach was already full of debris – so obviously the frogfish would have washed up on the beach. They decided to take it out. So we kept it in a “professional seafish container” (a bucket) and brought it down on the second dive. After all our guest had a good look at it and took enough pictures we put it into a big piece of Sargassum seaweed. A much better home for him compared to a yoghurt cup. Sorry little frogfish, that we took you out of the sea for a while and we hope you are fine!