Barracuda juveniles schooling at NAD Lembeh housereef
In Lembeh Strait, there are a lot of things to see. Also on NAD Lembeh housereef – We have wrecks, coral patches, algae fields, seagrass, rubble, coral and sand. But we also have something that is not really something that you would expect on a “mucky” housereef: A school of Barracudas. Ok, they are juveniles, but they are still Barracudas.
It is a quite big school inhabiting one of our housereef wrecks. They are about 5-7 cm in length now and already behave like proper barracudas. Which means the swim in a school and sometimes even turn as a little “Barracuda Tornado” over the wreck – just like in other famous Barracuda spots. Unfortunately visibility is not sooo good on the housereef these days, so we could not take a wide-angle image of it yet.