Photos showing behaviour are more interesting than just a plain shot of the animal. This is why cleaning stations are still popular macro subjects. In Lembeh Strait people often forget that due to the abundance of cool critters on the dive sites. But if you keep your eye open there is some great cleaning action to be witnessed. Cleaner Shrimps and Cleaner Wrasses offer their services and attract various reef fish. A great opportunity to add something different to the shots you can take home from your Lembeh Trip.
Anemones are always good spots to check, as they are home to various cleaner shrimps. Here you can easily capture Lizard fishes, Anemone fishes, Puffer fishes and others using their services. Reef cracks with moray eels are also good spots. Cleaner Wrasses are more out in the open. Usually around Bommies – but in Lembe also often in the middle of rubble patches where they clean residents like Flasher Wrasses.
I prefer longer lenses like the 100mm Macro over a 60mm lens for shooting cleaning behaviour as you can keep some distance and don’t scare the fishes off.