On yesterdays morning dive at Sarena Patah – one of the Dive Sites around Sarena Island in Lembeh Strait – we found this little Clingfish sitting on a piece of Halimeda Algae in the shallows. He was about 1cm in size and stayed on his little algae leaf the whole time … he would  move from one side to the other to hide from us, but he would not leave his little algae home. Which is strange, as he had very bad camouflage on it.
Usually Clingfishes either live in Featherstars (in which they are first protected by the Featherstar itself and second perfectly match the colour of the host) or in Sea Urchins (Urchin Clingfish) where the spines of the urchin protect the Clingfish from predators. Well anyway … we liked the lack of camouflage and protection a lot, as it gave us the possibility to take some pictures of this little fish that curls its tail in such a cute way.