Colourful Coral Crab on NAD Lembeh Housereef, North Sulawesi, Indonesia This week we did a lot of housereef diving here at NAD Lembeh and found many cool things – squids, shrimps, nudibranches, Lembeh Sea Dragons, Stonefish, Spearing Mantis, Twin Spot Gobies, Double Ended Pipefish, Sponge Crabs, Baby Baracudas and much more. The day before yesterday i went for another housereef dive in the late afternoon to take some pictures and it turned out to be the wrong timing: visibility was very very bad. So i put on my Subsee +10 Diopter and started looking for Super-Macro Subjects and found these cool Coral Crabs.
At first i didn’t realize how cool they were … only after the first few shots i saw the nice colouration between the eyes and the spots on the legs. So even if the visibility was bad, i came back with pictures of something that i never photographed before.
For everyone who wants to shoot them: They are virtually everywhere on our housereef – living in the branches of staghorn coral.