Colourful Yawning Goby in Lembeh
On a dive this week i found this very cool shrimp goby watching out from his hole. Not only did he yawn for the camera several times, he had also a very beautiful colouration. This firework like colour made me choose him for the todays Blog post on december 31st – Happy new Year everyone!
Shrimp Gobies live in the sand and in a Symbiosis with Snapping Shrimps: The Snapping Shrimp build and maintain a hole in the sand and the Goby watches out for dangers. The shrimp has very bad eye sight and relies on the Goby which always keeps contact with his tail to the antenna of the shrimp. In case of danger, the Goby signals the Shrimp with movements of his tail and the Shrimp retreats into the hole. Usually Shrimp Gobies are very shy, but this one stayed out and let me come closer and closer – eventually it got a little bit annoyed and started menacing me with evil yawns. I was more amused than scared – but because of his braveness i left him alone.
In Lembeh you can see a huge variety of different Gobies and Shrimp Gobies – and of course many other critters also 😉