The Emperor Shrimp (Periclimenes imperator) is a commensal shrimp and a member of the Palaemonidae. Sounds strange, but looks really beautiful: Characteristic is its attractive red, white and purple colouration and its commensalism. The Emperor Shrimp can be found on several species of Sea Cucumbers and Nudibranchs (for example Risbecia tryoni, Cerathosomas, Spanish Dancers, Melibes and others). Usually they pick relatively big nudibranchs. Emperor Shrimps can be up to 2,5 cm in size and always stay on their host.
Best places to find Emperor Shrimps in Lembeh: Basicly any Divesite with sandy bottoms (for shrimps on sea cucumbers and Nudibranchs) or also rubble (for shrimps on Nudibranchs).
Best lens to shoot Emperor Shrimp: Any Macro Lens from 60mm (shrimp or shrimp with background) to 100mm (shrimp only) – or even diopters & teleconverters (for super close ups).