It’s one of the signature critters of the Lembeh Strait: The Hairy Frogfish. Colors can highly vary to match their environment. Therefore, we have had Hairy Frogfish in all different shades of brown, orange, yellow, white and black. Best dive sites to spot them at the moment in various sizes are Rojos, Kareko Batu and Aer Bajo.


Although Hairy Frogfish come in different colors, the dark, zebra-like banding is quite distinct. Skin appendages and filaments are used to blend in with surrounding algae and soft corals. Hairy Frogfish can change color and texture of their skin within only a few weeks for the perfect camouflage! This type of frogfish can be found in the shallows but also at depth of around 25m. They can grow up to 20cm in length.

What we commonly call “Hairy Frogfish” when diving in Lembeh, turns out to be two different species actually. The lure, which the Frogfish waves around and uses to attract their prey, is what differentiates the two.


The Shaggy Anglerfish or Hispid Frogfish (Antennarius hispidus), has a pom-pom like lure. The lure is short and white in colour. The Striped Anglerfish or Striated Frogfish (Antennarius striatus) has a distinctive worm-like lure. To be fair, both species look very similar!

Can you spot the difference other than the color? This short movie of a Striated Frogfish shows the lure which looks like a worm.
The black Shaggy Frogfish in the video below has a white lure, looking like a pom-pom.

Photo Tips
Hairy Frogfish are the perfect subject for underwater photographers. Since they can be quite big in size, I prefer shooting them with the Olympus 12-50mm on my mirrorless Panasonic GH4 camera.
Bigger individuals, I’ve been shooting with the Panasonic 14-42mm and Nauticam WWL-01. Great results if you’re aiming for close focus wide angle shots with a diver in the background! Close-up shots, emphasizing the green or blue eyes, are great too – you will definitely need a Subsee +10 or Nauticam CMC-01 diopter for it.
For a little more creative lighting, aim your snoot and try for a portrait shot of the pretty face of the Hairy Frogfish. If you happen to see a bigger Hairy Frogfish, backlighting works well too to bring out the hairs and dramatic outlines of the fish.

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